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Just a normal Tuesday

Posted on 2006.12.19 at 11:28
Current Mood: deviousdevious
So, it's Tuesday, and here I am at work. There isn't much going on. In fact, it's very quiet in here today. Sandy is out because she has a terrible stomach virus (which I hope she didn't pass on to us yeasterday). Rodney appears to be in a relatively good mood today, so hopefully he want bring down his wrath upon anyone today. He certainly filled his quota yesterday. He got everyone, except for me. And why is that? Because I'm perfect, of course. Just kidding, If I'm perfect, then Bush is a great president. Enough said.

So, I got good news yesterday, later in the day. The gift for Leeor has arrived at my sisters, so yay for that. I almost want to complain to them. I understand that they are all Irish, and are probably drunk most of the time, but who on earth (with common sense) would send something like that in a sandwhich baggie and in an airmail envelope? No wonder the shipping was free. Thankfully, at least as my sister says, it doesn't look like it was damaged. Oh, and if you don't know what this 'Item' is, and have access to Mary Ellen, she knows. I'm sorta keeping it hush hush here, cuz who knows if Leeor will glimpse any of my entries before christmas.

I'm looking forward to having 6 days off from work. Friday we won't be at work because Leeor has an appointment, and then we will be leaving for WV shortly after that. We should arrive there around 6pm or so. Saturday and Sunday will be pretty uneventful. Monday, dinner and presents!!!!!!! Tuesday, drive back to NJ, and Wednesday relax, relax, relax, and give kitties massive amounts of love!!! Then back to work on Thursday. This thursday will only be a half-a-day, as we are having a christmas luncheon at this place in West Paterson. I hope we get a nice bonus check.

Anywho, time to run along and be a productive little employee.

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