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Back to Work

Posted on 2006.12.28 at 11:38
Current Mood: crankycranky
It's so wonderful to be back to work. *gags*

I don't have a lot of work on my desk to do, so that's a plus. The bad part is, Rodney has apparently been on a rampage this week since we've been off. Not because we were off, I don't think, but for what reason I don't know.
He hasn't come in yet today, but when he does, I'm sure everyone will brace for impact.

I was really irritated this morning. I couldn't find my wallet anywhere, and it didn't help matters that Leeor had scurried out to the car, so I had no help. I'm hoping I can find it when we go home today.

Well, I should probably get myself back to my work.

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