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Flu-ness suckles

Posted on 2007.01.29 at 12:19
Current Location: worky worky worky
Current Mood: sicksick
So, I hate the flu after going through a hardcore version of it for several days.

Whoever invented the flu, can really go and die.

In other news, Mare got a job, which is fabulous. Congratz to Mare!!!! so, now she can make us sammiches when we go down to visit, hehehe.

Kat doesn't have any flesh-eating parasites, so Congrat to Kat!!!!

As far as news in my life, there isn't too much going on. Leeor is going to hopefully go for an interview this week for the school he wants to go to for culinary arts, which is great. He'll probably even get to sit in on a class. So, I think he'll enjoy that. Besides, he loves cooking and this will really help for when we go to open a restaurant in a few years down the road.

Well, for now...I think I'm done. Back to work...

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