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Posted on 2007.02.01 at 13:20
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So, I've been thinking alot about things lately, pretty much life in general and I'm not happy with the way its been the last few years. It hasn't been a complete failure, some good has come of it, but it's not at all where I thought I would be. I've decided that both Leeor and I need to make quite a few changes in our life. I'm not content being fat and lazy, and having no direction, and neither is he.

We are going to start waking up at 6am every morning, and going to bed at 10pm at night. I think our first goal should be to give our days a better start. Right now, we roll out of the bed whenever we feel like it, and if we get to work on time, kudos to us. And that's not the way we should be approaching it. On the weekend, sure, we can be lazy all we want. But, during the week should be our time to get our asses in gear and get stuff done. So, I've come up with a weekday morning schedule that i think will help on various levels of our life.

6:00am - get up
6:30am-7:00am - take a walk
7:00am-7:30am - showers
7:45am-8:15am - breakfast at Friendly's
9:00amish - arrive at work

I think this will really help us out a lot. Walking in the morning will help us get atleast a little bit of mandatory exercise every day, which we both desperately need. Eating a good breakfast every morning will also help. Friendly's has a decent special for about 3 bux a plate, so It'll be cost effective for us. It'll add up to about 200 dollars on breakfast a month, BUT, we figured out a method where we will only be spending about 40 dollars on lunch a month through the marvel of discount soda, oscar mayer, kraft, and individual sized chip bags. So, we can put a little bit out for the convenience of not having to prepare our own breakfast. Besides, who really wants to cook that early in the morning?

We also have plans to work on other aspects of our weekdays as well. Starting on Monday, we are doing at least 2 loads of laundry a night until we can see our bedroom floor again. It wouldn't be as bad as it is, but our biggest problem, once again, is we are fat and lazy. Also, another big factor for the time being, is the temperature. It's really freaking cold outside, and I don't like spending more time in it than I absolutely need to. But, that is going to change.

We are also going to start eating a little healthier because we both need to take off some pounds. I don't necessarily want to go on a diet, because I'm really not eating too much right now as it is, so I don't want to cut back on what I'm eating. I do, however, need to cut Wendy's and Taco Bell, and all that kind of stuff out of my diet for a long time. Most of the time, I'll get a combo meal, and a few extra burgers and that'll be all I eat that day. But, I'm probably putting in a whole lot of calories, so that may be why I don't feel hungry later. Fat is filling, but in the amounts that I've consumed it in from the past, it can't be all that good for me. Not to mention that heart disease runs heavily in my family, and I should probably be taking that into real concideration now. i'd rather not have to deal with it later. I'm almost 24, and with each year, its going to get harder and harder to get off the weight and to change my personal habits. I am happy to report though, that I have lost atleast a little weight. The pants aren't quite as tight now as they were a week or two ago, so yay for that!

In the next few months, I hope to start taking voice lessons again. I'm a bit out of practice, and while I don't sound too bad, I'm no American Idol, that's for sure. But, I think that if I work on it a bit, I could definitely get myself back into my former shape. I just hope I can find a private teacher that isn't going to make me pay 100 bux a pop to come and sing scales for about 30 minutes, cuz that would be just awful.

Leeor has an interview at the school tomorrow. I'm not exactly what it will entail. He's going to ask some questions, and hopefully she'll take him to view the culinary class for a bit. (Atleast, she mentioned that to him last month at some point). So, i'm hoping that it goes well for him tomorrow. He really loves cooking, and we really want to open up a restaurant together in a few years. And yes, that means free food for our friends, hehehehe. Just don't go ordering a $100 steak, cuz then we'll kick your butt. :-)

Well, this is probably one of the longest posts I've ever written, so I'm going to end it here. Just thought I'd blurb about stuff that's going on.


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